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We encourage positive feedback such as comments and recs within the Harry Potter fandom.
Welcome to All the Squee.

We're a Harry Potter fan community dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the creativity and hard work of our fellow fans. We do this by commenting on stories, rec'ing fan art pieces, squeeing about creative craft projects, cheering for the hard work of mods and fest organizers, and generally having fun.

There's a million ways to participate.

* Join a Bingo game.
* Challenge your fellow fans or take up a challenge.
* Tell us your ideas for Bingo squares.
* If you see any cool ideas comms are trying out please post about them. That will help us build a resource directory with examples of all the ways various communities and events are encouraging feedback and support between fans.
* Have fun coming up with prizes to donate. (Big or little, makes no difference. Every drawble, drabble, icon, or mini-craft item rocks our world.)

Your posts are welcome.

Don't be shy. Everyone is welcome to post. We trust you not to spam or track mud everywhere. If it seems like a good post, it probably is.

If you need more guidance, here's some posts we'd love to see: If you know of a Harry Potter fandom event, meme, or challenge that is about increasing positive feedback feel free to pimp it here. If you've made any kind of graphics about commenting, squeeing, or appreciating fanworks, feel free to post them. If you have questions or ideas about a Bingo square, you can make a post to share your ideas or get help from others. And of course any time you get a Bingo you are welcome to do the Bingo dance of glee and post your Bingo

No matter what genre, style, or ship you love, come on in and share the squee.


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